Vestiture consisting of a number of upright setae toward disk and posterior edges

Vestiture consisting of a number of upright setae toward disk and posterior edges

Pronotum 1

10-step one.sixteen (step one.14) minutes longer than wider, edges parallel, alternatively broadly rounded at the front; asperities into anterior 50 % of building transversely a lot of time costae, row nearest in order to anterior margin building an exceptionally elevated, persisted costa getting together with anterolateral angles; surface reticulate, with good, superficial punctures to the posterior 1 / 2 of, spread from the diameter out-of a puncture; vestiture including a few upright setae close to anterolateral bases.

Elytra 1.58-step one.61 (step 1.59) times more than wide, step 1.59-1.62 (1.60) moments longer than pronotum, sides almost parallel to declivity, instead narrowly circular behind; striae not happy, punctures small, low, separated by the diameter regarding an effective puncture; interstriae 2 times greater than just striae, punctures hidden, half of the fresh new width regarding strial punctures, uniseriate, separated from the 3 times the newest depth from a puncture; interstriae ten excessively increased so you can sternum step 3; declivity convex, gradually curving down, strial and you may interstrial punctures hidden.

Protibiae which have lateral pearly whites 1 and you can dos subequally size of, most other horizontal teeth much reduced; a small tooth introduce between lateral enamel 2 and critical mucro. Intercoxal process of prosternum 0.18-0.twenty seven (0.23) minutes since the greater as the procoxa. Metatibiae with half dozen socketed horizontal teeth toward distal half of.

Description men: (n=6) the same as ladies except size step one.20-step one.33 mm (n=6), dos.dos6-dos.thirty six (dos.31) times longer than large. Frons convex, with a rapid transverse impression simply above epistoma, body reticulate, incredibly dull, type of punctures present off epistoma to help you upper level of eyes, size of a good puncture as big as a keen ommatidium; front vestiture confined for some hairlike setae alongside epistoma. 06-step 1.12 (step 1.08) times longer than greater. Elytra step 1.36-step one.47 (step 1.43) minutes more than large, step one.35-step 1.48 (step 1.45) times longer than pronotum.

Symptomatic features: it is directly regarding S. rugicollis (Schedl) and you can S. pannuceus Timber that also have a good costiform anterior line out-of pronotal asperities. 2-1.5 mm compared to step 1.6-step one.nine mm) and additional from rugicollis by the shortage of a good procurved callus throughout the females frons and you will of pannuceus from the faster, obscurely happy elytral punctures. Scolytodes montanus n. sp. (Figs 9, 10, 21, twenty six, 32)

Frons convex, but broadly, transversely pleased from epistoma just to more than level of antennal insertion; surface glowing; coarse, deep punctures introduce regarding vertex to help you epistoma, punctures a little faster in the satisfied town; vestiture comprising simple, moment, hairlike setae arising from punctures, setae become more loaded in happy area and you will close to epistoma.

Antennal pub moderately higher, three obvious areas noted because of the one or two slightly procurved medical stitches having rows away from a lot of time, hairlike setae; basal places step 1 and you will 2 corneous. Funiculus half dozen segmented.

It is popular from one another species of the less size (step one

02 minutes longer than broad, sides subparallel, largest at mid-duration, narrowly game at the front; asperities missing, body reticulate, which have rough, deep punctures spaced by one-third the brand new diameter off a great puncture; vestiture comprising seven erect setae, four close to anterior margin, a few mesad from anterolateral basics and one in the for each and every basal part.

Elytra step one.33 moments more than large, 1.58 times more than pronotum; edges diverging a bit towards the basal a few-thirds, acuminately round trailing; very striae meagerly but decidedly amazed, punctures small, strong, separated by lower than diameter away from a great puncture; interstriae Latin dating review 3 x large than just striae, punctures 50 % of the fresh new width of strial punctures, uniseriate, spaced of the 5 times its diameter; interstriae 10 highly, excessively raised in order to quantity of metacoxae, carried on because the a smaller raised line to help you sternum 5; declivity high, convex, almost apartment towards the central 50 % of, strial and you can interstrial punctures as the toward disc, but better, striae some so much more content. Vestiture composed of interstrial rows of vertical bristles, and much reduced strial and you will interstrial hairlike setae, mainly in rows; vestiture really plentiful on the declivity.


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