It’s difficult enough to practice custody of the eyes just walking down the street

It’s difficult enough to practice custody of the eyes just walking down the street

Very good point, Chris! I agree 100 percent. One shouldn’t have to do so in church. With regard to jeans, it seems most styles are skin-tight and thus not appropriate for Mass online payday loans in ID.

Why pass on your faults upon other people? I guess children ask to be molested and women ask to be raped. It sounds more to me that you should be in confession every day. The line of thought you have is no different than the Muslims.

AJ- stop being such a contrarian. You seem quicker to find fault more than any other person I have seen here.

Everything has to be looked at within reason. For example, at daily mass, blue collar type attire may be appropriate because the individual is on their way to work. Also, some who live in very hot climates or have to walk or bicycle a distance, formal attire may not be appropriate. I knew of a fellow who didn’t have the money for a car, he bicycled to church and this was in Florida. He had problems where he would go into convulsions if overheated, obviously he couldn’t wear slacks to church while riding a bicycle there.

However, I too am finding that good catholic parents are allowing their children to dress offensively not only at church but everyday

However, …% of people attend mass only on Sundays at their local church. They drive air conditioneded cars. There is no reason why they couldn’t dress up. If they dress in shorts, they show an attitude.

Those that wear jackets, t-shirts, etc. with large printed ads on the back or front are distracting. Teenage girls are usually the most guilty of immodest dress. I don’t think women need to wear dresses because these usually show a lot of leg with heals. Sandels that are dressy look great, however, flip flops are not.

I agree that it is the heart that matters, however, if I see someone who is acting as the Extraordinary Minister or the lector, I cringe when I see them dressing casually. It is like an announcement to the entire congregation of irreverence, not only towards Christ but to those they minister to. And for the priest to dress sloppy says something too. My aunt complained of a priest at her church who wore red sneakers during mass! And I saw a nun one time whose veil looked like it was pulled out of the hamper, it was all wrinkled, she looked sloppy!

I think we got the message here and it is a good one. Proper dress shows respect for the Church. Thank you Msgr Charles Pope!

I certainly agree with Father and too wish , all priests would have homilies relating to modesty of dress. I read recently where good catholic males are finding they are lusting at church because of the way females are dressing when attending church. How shameful is this? I find this to be bothersome.

Glad that God has a judge like to keep me us Catholics in line like the mullahs. Joleen, why do you judge others? If a “good” Catholic male is lusting in church, a dress code will not stop it. Why don’t you concerned yourself with what really matters – the worship of the lord.

Also, if a person is traveling, it may be difficult to put formal attire in the suitcase especially with the way airlines are charging for luggage

Yeah, okay – let’s go back to the dark ages. While we’re at it, let’s just do away with electricity and Television and radio. C’mon. While some people probably do wear inappropriate things to Mass, this would be easily recognizable. A woman wearing something way too tight and revealing for example. Other than that – who cares? Mass is about a one on one relationship with God. I’m pretty sure Jesus doesn’t care what you’re wearing – he’s just happy you even came, because let’s face it – the Church isn’t exactly doing a great job in welcoming new people. That being said – I respect Msgr’s views – but I think he should respect others that they want to be comfortable when they go to Mass.


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