Online Dating–More Choices for Boomers and Seniors

Online Dating–More Choices for Boomers and Seniors

Flirting adds spice and panache to your life. If you are looking for love, flirting is bait. If you are married, it can help you stay orously interested, it’s still fun. Unfortunately, a lot of people over 50 sell themselves short with rationalizations like no one would be interested in a paunchy, balding man; or no one would be interested in an overweight woman with wrinkles.

True if you try to flirt at 60 or 80 the way you did at 20 or 30 you will look foolish and ridiculous. The rules change in our 50’s and older. While many seniors are quite sexually active it’s less about hot sex and more about companionship, someone who understands and cares, kindness, and someone who makes you feel good.

I recently interviewed Barbara Bellman, author of Flirting After Fifty. Her emphasis is that flirting is a state of mind that includes confidence and playfulness. Indeed. flirting is a type of adult play. She helps Boomers and seniors overcome the excuses and objections and develop confidence. But even if you have confidence, what do you say? You focus on everyone’s favorite radio station-WIFM-what’s in it for me-i.e., focusing on getting to know the other person rather than talking about yourself.

You can give a compliment, like you have a beautiful smile. You can make an astute observation, like I noticed you seem to be fascinated with that painting. You could ask for help, like, I’m new to this neighborhood and don’t know where…. Or perhaps you could self-disclosure something, like I never know what to say at mixers like these, have you figured out the secret? The more specific, sincere, and insightful your remark, the better.

For those looking for love, it helps to be in places where you will have the opportunity to meet the kind of people you would truly enjoy having as a friend.

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The average man is more interested in a woman who is interested in him than he is in a woman with beautiful legs.

If you don’t already think of the Internet as a great way to meet people, join the younger generations and adopt the belief.

Whether single and interested in dating or not, there is a lot to be learned from online dating. Plus, chances are you know some single people who might benefit from online dating. It isn’t just young people and the 23? million single Baby Boomers using online dating, more than five million people over 55 have used online dating as well.

The rest is commentary-how to get to the second and third date, how to handle family, and how to handle traditional versus liberated roles

Why date online? Instead of dating being largely limited to coworkers, people in common organizations, bars, and introductions from friends and family, online dating casts a huge net that greatly enhances your ability to find exactly the kind of person you are looking for. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing online dating psychologist Dr. Jim Houran on Ageless Lifestyles Radio. Here is a summary of his advice: Novices probably do best by starting with large free sites like PlentyofFish to get a feel for online dating. With that feel, they may want to move on to niche sites. The biggest mistake people make is not investing the time and effort in well thought out postings and engaging photographs.


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