Compulsive /sexual attraction synastry / element / Davison

Compulsive /sexual attraction synastry / element / Davison

Eros conjunct pallas / eros trine pallas / eros sextile pallas / eros septile pallas/ eros novile pallas / eros quintile pallas

Anteros conjunct valentine / anteros trine valentine / anteros sextile valentine / anteros septile valentine / anteros novile valentine/ anteros quintile valentine

Pallas conjunct valentine / pallas trine valentine /pallas sextile valentine / pallas septile valentine / pallas novile valentine / pallas quintile valentine

Sappho conjunct jupiter /sappho trine jupiter / sappho sextile jupiter / sappho septile jupiter / sappho novile jupiter / sappho quintile jupiter

Sappho conjunct moonlight / sappho trine moonlight / sappho sextile moon / sappho septile moon / sappho quintile moonlight / sappho novile moonlight

Cupido conjunct juno / cupido trine juno / cupido sextile juno / cupido septile juno / cupido novile juno / cupido quintile juno

Karma conjunct valentine / karma sextile valentine / karma trine valentine / karma septile valentine / karma novile valentine / karma quintile valentine

Karma conjunct alma / karma sextile alma / karma trine alma/ karma septile alma / karma novile alma / karma quintile alma

Karma conjunct descendant / karma sextile descendant / karma trine descendant/ karma septile descendant / karma novile descendant/ karma quintile descendant

Karma conjunct juno / karma sextile juno / karma trine juno / karma septile juno/ karma novile juno / karma quintile juno

Pan conjunct sun / bowl trine sunrays / bowl sextile sunrays / dish septile sun / dish novile sunlight / bowl quintile sunlight

Bowl conjunct moonlight / bowl trine moonlight/ pan sextile moonlight / pan septile moon / pan novile moonlight / pan quintile moonlight

Pan conjunct ascendant / dish trine ascendant / pan sextile ascendant / pan septile ascendant / dish novile ascendant / dish quintile ascendant

Bowl conjunct alma / pan trine alma / pan sextile alma / dish septile alma/ dish novile alma / bowl quintile alma

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Sunrays conjunct pluto / sun septile pluto / sunshine quintile pluto / sunlight quincunx pluto / sun opposite pluto / sunrays square pluto

Moonlight conjunct pluto / moon septile pluto / moonlight quintile pluto / moon quincunx pluto / moon reverse pluto / sunrays rectangular pluto

Venus conjunct pluto / venus septile pluto / venus quintile pluto / venus quincunx pluto / venus opposite pluto / venus rectangular pluto

Mars conjunct pluto / mars septile pluto / mars quintile pluto / mars quincunx pluto / mars reverse pluto / mars square

Ascendant conjunct pluto / ascendant septile pluto / ascendant quintile pluto / ascendant quincunx pluto / ascendant contrary pluto / ascendant rectangular pluto

Northern node conjunct pluto / north node septile pluto / north node quintile pluto / northern node quincunx pluto / northern node reverse pluto/ north node rectangular pluto

Sun conjunct lilith / sunshine septile lilith / sunrays quintile lilith / sunlight quincunx lilith / sunshine contrary lilith / sun rectangular lilith

Mind conjunct pallas / psyche trine pallas / psyche sextile pallas / psyche septile pallas/ psyche novile pallas / mind quintile pallas

Moon conjunct lilith / moonlight septile lilith , moonlight quintile lilith / moon quincunx lilith / moonlight reverse pluto / moon square pluto

Venus conjunct lilith / venus septile lilith / venus quintile lilith / venus quincunx lilith / venus reverse lilith / venus square lilith

Mars conjunct lilith / mars septile lilith / mars quintile lilith / mars quincunx lilith / mars reverse lilith / mars square lilith

Ascendant conjunct lilith / ascendant septile lilith / ascendant quintile lilith / ascendant quincunx lilith / ascendant contrary lilith / ascendant rectangular lilith


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