Meena Jutla is the brother out-of Manpreet Sharma and old boyfriend-wife of David Metcalfe and you may Billy Fletcher

Meena Jutla is the brother out-of Manpreet Sharma and old boyfriend-wife of David Metcalfe and you may Billy Fletcher

1991-2020: Prior

Created 23rd February 1991, in Meena’s early many years she adored the lady much earlier sis Manpreet, however Manpreet are often envious away from how simple her sibling had it, just like the Manpreet needed to benefit everything you when you’re Meena had everything you given so you’re able to her. Meena turned into estranged off Manpreet just after she slept with Manpreet’s partner Dennis, although not Meena contended that she did this so Manpreet carry out understand Dennis are a cheat.

At some point, Meena partnered men named Jeremy. Jeremy after lost his jobs plus the few sustained so you’re able to economically, to help with their money issues Meena had a menchats job at the your local operations, although not Jeremy experienced offended one their wife didn’t trust him so you can financially get well and then he divorced her.

Meena worked next to a woman titled Nadine Butler and you may Meena considered which they had been family unit members. Meena did not believe Nadines family unit members and one time whenever Nadine are allowed to be with the a spa day together better family Meena gassed Nadines vehicles, destroying the lady. Meena manage later on tell people that Nadine the full time suicide.

2020-2021: Coming

Meena first appeared in once the a buyers of Hide Restaurant, where she flirted that have Billy Fletcher, much to Billy’s ex boyfriend Beginning Taylors displeasure. Meena subscribes to help you Billy’s personal training groups and you may just after Dawn catches the pair making out a quarrel guarantees and you will Beginning attacks Meena having good pepper shaker. Rishi Sharma witnesses which altercation and you may rushes over to help, he is accompanied by Manpreet Sharma who is astonished observe her sister in the community and you will Manpreet quickly says to Meena to get-off. When Meena shows up at the Holdgate Ranch, Manpreet expresses shock at exactly how Meena was able to select this lady, Manpreet try further disgusted by Meena when she demonstrates she called the police into Beginning. Whenever Tracy Metcalfe faces Meena about not paying the woman bill for the lady remain at the fresh BB, she claims you to definitely she has specific factors obtaining money, Rishi overhears and you will settles the bill to have Meena, Tracy in addition to warns Meena to not ever interfere with Dawn and you will Billy.

Following this, Rishi encourages Meena ahead home with him, in the home Rishi asks Meena as to the reasons Manpreet cut her from the woman lifestyle, before Meena is also address, Manpreet comes on the view and demonstrates that Meena slept which have her husband Dennis, Meena claims one Manpreet’s earliest spouse try always cheat for her thus she did it thus Manpreet carry out realise his true tones, but the separation started Manpreet’s looking dependency and that got this lady for the major personal debt. Meena states you to she has not yet constantly had it easy either, since whenever this lady old boyfriend-spouse missing their work she come to focus on your neighborhood surgery, yet not the woman ex boyfriend-husband imagine this intended Meena didn’t have trust which he would get other job, therefore the guy remaining the lady. Meena confided inside Rishi one she didn’t come with household, zero husband without jobs, she revealed that she stop the woman previous occupations since the a nurse whenever an employee produced several grievances on the the lady having inappropriate habits, she advised Rishi to not ever give Manpreet.

When Rishi discovered that the regional functions needed a nurse, the guy called Dr Liam Cavanagh in order to meet Meena within Woolpack observe is actually she suitable for the position. Manpreet is actually amazed you to this lady cousin was functioning next to this lady and you can will get Rishi to reveal to help you the lady regarding the as to why Meena left the girl earlier job. Meena visits the brand new eatery is questioned because of the Liam and you may Manpreet, although not, brand new interview concludes too rapidly while the Manpreet renders snide statements so you’re able to Meena throughout. When Manpreet output home, she finds Meena looking to gather sympathy off Rishi, Manpreet informs Meena to remain regarding their husband and you may home. When you’re from the David’s Store, Meena gets messaging to help you David Metcalfe exactly who prompts the woman getting the higher people and contact Manpreet to apologise, Manpreet boils down to a shop to own a java with Meena, much like the sisters appear to be getting their distinctions aside, David interjects praising Meena getting following their pointers and be the larger person, this causes Manpreet so you’re able to storm away appalled that Meena might have been applying for the brand new villagers to make up against this lady.


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